Curls on a Budget: Shopping List

The Basics:

1338-353182-nturls_nturls_moisture_conditioner_300x4001. Silicone Free Conditioner

  • Tresemme Naturals Conditioner
  • Price: $7 – $12 (Chemist Warehouse and Coles are the cheapest)
  • Types (3): Nourishing Moisture (aloe vera extract and avocado oil), Radiant Volume (natural sweet orange and lemongrass extracts) and Vibrantly Smooth (coconut oil and jojoba leaf extract)
  • Nb. I do not suggest using their shampoo in this range as it still contains sulfates.
  • Also the conditioners contain alcohol but I still find it effective
  • PS. Coles have a special every 2 months are so where the Tresemme range is a mere $5 –
    I bulk buy then.


  2. Alcohol Free Styling Gel

  • La Bella Styling Gel 1.1 kg (!) Extra Value Pack
  • Price: $5 (My Chemist)
  • Nb. not available online but was stocked at Doncaster Shopping-town
  • If you cant buy this, don’t be afraid to touch the men’s brands – its cheaper!

IMG_04893. Wide Toothed Comb

  • if you need one, or you can just finger comb
  • Best One: look for the ones that have a ‘hook’ on the end so it hangs in the shower
    (Models Prefer and Lady Jane available at…)
  • Price: $3 – $4 (Priceline)


4. Synthetic Microfibre Towel

  • any synthetic microfibre towel
    (this will extract the water more effectively than cotton/terrycloth)
  • Price: you can find it anywhere but the cheapest I have found is at Daiso for $2.80
  • If you’ve got abit more money: Curls Like Us Cloths

5. Satin Pillowcase

  • Any smooth polyester (satin) pillowcase which will not wreck your hair. Not available at Myer or Target, and hard to find at Big W. Cheapest is those at Manchester places in the shopping center.
  • Price: $2.50 (Manchester and More)



8. Diffuser

  • sold separately and sold in the packs
  • Prices: (Separate) $15 – $10
  • Cheapest with a Hairdryer: $30 – $35 (Big W)
    Nb. recently VS Sasson have also had a special pink pack on sale for $35

7. Haircutting ScissorsIMG_0457

  • for trimming at home when you don’t have the money for a haircut.
  • the cheapest scissors will do as you will not use them often
    (every ~4-6 weeks if you want to maintain your current length)
  • two hairdressers have told me they have had this pair for 3 years+
  • Price: $20-25 (Hairwarehouse); $15 (Chemist Warehouse)

279219686_8288. Hair Clips for Drying

  • sold separately and in packs in some hair and beauty stores
  • Price: 30c – 50c each
  • Pack of 4 in Daiso for $2.80

Curly Resources

** = essential sources




** DevaCurl (Curly Girl Method)

  • ¬†products, tutorials by the author who created the book


** Naturally Curly

  • Social media platform for the textured hair influencer in the world of curls, coils and waves.
  • Facebook Page




** Waterlily716

  • leading vlogger on type 3b hair – she taught me everything I know
  • Facebook Page

Veronica Meza

  • type 3b


  • type 3, not as many vids

Deva Curl

Naturally Curly

  • not as useful as i thought, as it is more about US product reviews and type 4 hair




  • US based, I suggest checking out product reviews first on NaturallyCurly before buying online


Mobile Apps:

1. Curls on the Go, CurlTalk